We loved it!

I needed better English for leading my team and to expand the business. We have now done that and we have even opened a restaurant in Korea! Ingrid is the best – she teaches English for your life!

Hyunjuncho Summers

Travel Company Director

Ingrid, you are an amazing teacher. You have not only taught me English, but you have helped me cross over the wide river of life. Our classes have been great and I’ve learned so much. Thank you for taking the time to be my teacher.

Supachat Varongsurat

Senior Pilot

Mark has been my teacher for three years. I have had three hours with him every week, and I’ve learned a lot. My grammar and fluency have improved so that I’m a much more confident speaker than before.

Ms Preechya Svetsomboon


English is important for me as a linguist and writer. My writing and speaking have become much better, since I started tuition with Top Flight English, and my colleagues now see me as a reliable resource of accurate English.

Miss Ilada Thaipisuttikul


After studying intensively with Ingrid I got my Level 6 in EALTS. The raters told me they tested 100 pilots that day and I was the only one to get Level 6. Without Ingrid, I would not be here.

Nakarin Soontarasing

Senior Pilot

With Mark’s help I’ve really improved my grammar and fluency so that I’m a more confident team leader and can now support them better. I’ve also increased my business potential!.

Mrs Paweemon Thongrating


I’ve built a large English vocabulary and can speak and write about a wide range of subjects reasonably fluently. The Conditional tenses that Mark taught me will be good for making suggestions and offering clients choices.

Mr Sawit Soruumpol


Ingrid taught me to write
a strong CV and personal statement for a UK Masters Degree, and I got a place! This was my dream come true. I just got home to Thailand after finishing my thesis at the University of Sussex. I’m so happy.
Pang Uthaithammarat

Masters Graduate

I’ve developed a wider vocabulary with improved English pronunciation. After Mark’s heIp I can now write a business presentation.

Mr Pantanasorn Satheinrungruang

Factory Manager

Mark has helped me achieve my goals! I am now making a more positive contribution at work.

Ms Pornapat Rungrongthanin

Petro-Chemical Engineer