Terms and Conditions for Top Flight English (TFE)

1-Our Commitment, Your Commitment, Accountability
We only want to work with students who are committed to making progress. When you agree to these terms, you are agreeing to build a partnership with us.
a-Teacher investment: The teacher agrees to plan lessons in advance, to be fully focused on you and to deliver a high quality of teaching. Your teacher will create lessons to help you to achieve your goals. This includes doing online research, planning the structure and content of the lessons, previewing videos, and sending you homework.
b-Client investment: You must invest time and effort to make your learning successful. You must be on time, have your writing materials ready and be focused. Your mobile phone(s) must be switched off. Your investment will include reading, watching videos, doing research, taking notes during your lessons, as well as doing revision and homework.
c-Accountability: You must do good work regularly to achieve your goals and take responsibility for your learning. We will not accept complaints from students who are unprepared, unfocussed and disorganized.

2-Technology and Performance of it
a-Technology: All sessions will be done on Skype or another application. The start and finish times will be quoted in Thai time.
b-Performance: We use high-speed internet, but we can’t guarantee a perfect connection because this can be affected by the weather and faults in your or our ISPs. If a connection breaks, the closing time will not change and the fee will not be refunded.

3-Duration, Fees, Payments, Confirmations
a-Duration: One lesson of English tuition is 50 minutes.
b-Fee: The fee for one English lesson is 1000thb. If we decide to increase the fee, we will inform you in the month before. c-Payments: You must pay for each month in advance. You must make your payment into
the teacher’s bank account. The teacher will email you the details.
d-Confirmations: You must email [email protected] when you have made the payment. She will confirm by email when it has arrived. If you have not received this confirmation within 24 hours, please email Ingrid.

a-Cancellation in Advance (CIA): If you cancel a lesson before 6pm the day before it, you can do the lesson on another day (a ‘make-up session’) within an agreed time period and will not have to be pay for it. Your teacher will email you a confirmation of the dates. If a make-up session is cancelled, we will not refund your fees and the session will not be made up, but you may book and pay for more sessions.
b-CIA Limit: You can CIA 20% of your booked lessons. If you CIA more than 20%, they can’t be made up and we will not refund your fees for any further cancellations. When you have used up your 20% allowance, you can still book more sessions, but you must pay for them in the normal way.
c-Cancellation on the Day (COD): If you cancel after 6pm the day before your lesson or on the same day, this is a COD. The lesson can’t be made up and your fee won’t be refunded. You can book and pay for more sessions.
d-No-Shows: A No-Show counts as a COD.
e-Lateness: If you are up to 15 mins late, the finish time of the lesson will stay the same. The missed time can’t be made up and we will not refund your fees.
f-Extreme lateness: If you are more than 15mins late and have not told your teacher in advance , this counts as a COD and the teacher will not do the lesson.
g-Interruptions: If you leave a session after it has started and come back within 15mins, the lesson can continue, but the finish time will stay the same and we will not refund your fees for the missed portion. If you leave a session for more than 15mins, this counts as a COD. The lesson will not continue and your fees for the missed portion of the lesson will not be refunded.
h-Teacher cancellations: If your teacher cancels or stops a lesson for personal reasons, they will make it up with you at another time – on the same or another day. Fees will not normally be refunded, but the teacher decided to do this, the to get your refund, you must email your bank details to the teacher within 24 hours. If you don’t do this, your fee will not be refunded.

Please note the difference between a ‘CIA’ and a ‘Termination’.
a student wants to have lessons, but has to cancel some of them for various reasons.
Termination: a student wants to stop having English lessons completely.
a-Notice: You can terminate this agreement completely by giving us 48 hours notice by email. We will confirm we have received it. If your email arrives while the teacher is on holiday, we will confirm that we have received it when we get back from holiday.
b-Refunds: If you terminate our agreement less than 14 days (GMT) before your booked lessons start, you will get a full refund. If you terminate this agreement after your booked sessions have started, we will not refund your fees.  c-Persistent no-shows: If a student does not show up for two or more lessons in a row without giving us advance notice, this counts as a termination. The teacher will not provide any further tuition; he/she will delete your sessions from the diary; and your fees will not be refunded.

6-Disclaimer, Confidentiality, Testimonials, Copyright
a-Disclaimer: From time to time you may mention personal things during English lessons.
We will always do our best to be supportive, but we are not legal, medical or financial professionals. You accept that the support we give does not replace the services of a qualified professional from these fields.
b-Confidentiality: We shall keep your contact details and information ONLY so that we can plan lessons and run our business in the normal way. We will not share your personal contact information with any other person or organization without your permission in advance in writing, unless we have to do so by the law.
c-Testimonials: From time to time we put testimonials from clients on our website. They come from things that our students say during lessons, phone calls, texts and emails. You agree to let us to quote you on our website, including your name and profession, unless you ask us to do otherwise.
d-Copyright: We own the copyright to some of the materials we use. If you wish to share, distribute, copy or use them or parts of them, you must get written permission from us in advance.

7-Legal Action
Any legal action against TFE shall be brought before the British courts.

Please send any questions, concerns or suggestions to me at [email protected].

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